Live updates: Oregon Ducks vs. Stanford Cardinal

We are live from Autzen Stadium as No. 13 Oregon hosts Stanford.

The Ducks (3-1, 1-0 Pac-12) are 17-point favorites, according to

The Cardinal (1-2, 0-2) have lost nine straight games against FBS teams.

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4th QUARTER: OREGON 45, STANFORD 17 – 11″20

— Ty Thompson in at QB. Noah Whittington loses 2 and goes for no gain.

— Tanner McKee incomplete. McKee to Silas Starr for 7. McKee to Ben Yurosek for 6. Incomplete. McKee to Elijah Higgins for 3. Incomplete. Incomplete, turnover on downs.

— Sean Dollars for 4. Dollars 2-yard touchdown run. Oregon 45 Stanford 17 – 14:31


— Bo Nix 28 yards to Troy Franklin. Incomplete. Noah Whittington for 12. Incomplete way overthrown but defensive pass interference. Nix to Chase Cota for 7. Noah Whittington runs for 7. End of quarter

— Tanner McKee incomplete, defensive holding on Christian Gonzalez. Casey Filkins for 5. McKee to Brycen Tremayne for 8. Filkins for 13. Incomplete. Filkins no gain. McKee 28-yard touchdown to Elijah Higgins. Oregon 38, Stanford 17 – 2:12

— Oregon up to 11 penalties, its most since the 2019 Pac-12 Championship game (12) against Utah. Squib kickoff downed at 20. Bo Nix 80-yard touchdown run. Oregon 38, Stanford 10 – 4:46

— Tanner McKee to Michael Wilson for 10. Casey Filkins for 5. Incomplete. McKee to John Humphreys for 6. Filkins for 3. McKee to Elijah Higgins for 9. McKee 42-yard touchdown to Filkins. Oregon 31, Stanford 10 – 5:01

— Bo Nix to Kris Hutson on screen for 5. Noah Whittington for 2, 4 and 3. Incomplete throw away. Incomplete for Chase Cota. Ross James punt to Stanford 25.

— Caleb Robinson for 1. Michael Wilson end around run for 10. Tanner McKee sacked by Brandon Dorlus. Mckee to Branden Barrow for 2. Third-and-15, incomplete under pressure. Punt to UO 24.

— Kickoff returned by Kris Hutson to the 25. Dont’e Thornton run for 9. Bucky Irving for 9, then a loss of 2. Bo Nix deep throw for Thornton incomplete into double coverage again. Nix sacked, the first allowed by Oregon all season. Ross James punts 48 yards, Casey Filkins returns to 23.


— Kickoff returned and end of half.

— Bo Nix to Sean Dollars for 6 and 8. Nix scrambles for 19. Nix runs for 4. Nix to Noah Whittington for 5. Oregon timeout – 0:51. Whittington for 16. Nix to Troy Franklin for no gain. Oregon timeout – 0:32. Nix to Seven McGee for 4, McGee ejected for fighting. Dollars for 20, unsportsmanlike on Patrick Fields. Jordan James 1-yard touchdown run. Oregon 31, Stanford 3 – 0:01

— Touchback. Tanner McKee incomplete for Michael Wilson, pass breakup by Christian Gonzalez. Another incompletion for Wilson vs. Gonzalez. Casey Filkins for 5. Punt to UO 32

Bo Nix 4-yard touchdown run out of 14 Josh formation. Reviewed and score stands. Oregon 24, Stanford 3 – 3:59

— Touchback. Tanner McKee to Ben Yurocek, Bennett Williams forces fumble and Noah Sewell recovers and returns to Stanford 4.

— Touchback. Bucky Irving for 7 and 14 but wiped out by illegal motion. Bo Nix to Terrance Ferguson for 10 and first down. Incomplete. Irving for 5. Nix runs for 35 plus illegal hands to the face gets UO to Stanford 11. Snap infraction. Nix to Ferguson for 6. Incomplete for Troy Franklin. Third-and-eight, incomplete to Troy Franklin out of bounds under review and overturned to 10-yard touchdown. Oregon 17, Stanford 3 – 4:22

— Tanner McKee to Casey Filkins for 10. Caleb Robinson for 5 plus a facemask on Brandon Dorlus. Robinson for 2. McKee incomplete under pressure. Third-and-eight, McKee 12 yards to Brycen Tremayne. Filkins for 9. McKee to Michael Wilson for 4. Filkins for 20 to the 4. Filkins loses 1. Incomplete. Third-and-goal, McKee has to run and Casey Rogers stops him for no gain. Joshua Karty28-yard field goal. Oregon 10, Stanford 3 – 7:37

— Bo Nix incomplete. Holding makes it second-and-20. Nix deep shot for Troy Franklin but incomplete in double coverage. Nix to Franklin for 14 yards. Ross James punt for 52 yards to Stanford 19.

— Kickoff returned to the 22. Tanner McKee to Elijah Higgins for 4. Casey Filkins for 2. McKee pass broken up by Bennett Williams. Third three-and-out for Ducks defense. Fair catch by Kris Hutson, who gets an unsportsmanlike for post-play exchange.


— Noah Whittington runs for 10. Bo Nix 49-yard screen for a touchdown to Chase Cota. Oregon 10, Stanford 0 – 0:00

— Casey Filkins runs for 5 and 4. Tanner McKee sneak for no gain. Fourth-and-one, punt to UO 41.

— Bucky Irving runs for 27. Bo Nix to Cam McCormick for 4. Irving for 8 and 7. Nix incomplete for Chase Cota. Noah Whittington for 6 but wiped out by holding on Marcus Harper II. Nix incomplete deep throw for Troy Franklin, who was open for an easy touchdown. Nix punts to Stanford 7.

— Casey Filkins runs for 2 and 9. Filkins dropped for loss of 2 by Brandon Dorlus. Tanner McKee to Ben Yurosek for 8. Third-and-four, Filkins runs for 7. McKee incomplete for Brycen Tremayne against Christian Gonzalez. Reverse is fumbled and loses 9. McKee to Filkins for 7. Punt to UO 18 returned 5 yards by Kris Hutson.

— Shovel pass to Kris Hutson for 9. Bucky Irving for 12. Bo Nix deep shot for Kris Hutson incomplete. Irving runs for 18 and 6. Moliki Matavao drop. Nix 21-yard touchdown to Hutson wiped out by ineligibile man downfield. Noah Whittington converts third-and-nine for 12. Nix pass for Cam McCormick is off the tight end’s hands. False start on Ryan Walk. Whittington for 1. Third-and-14 from the 18. Offsides. False start on Marcus Harper II. Nix to Hutson loses 2. Camden Lewis 38-yard field goal. Oregon 3, Stanford 0 – 10:00

— Kickoff to 2 returned to the 21. Jeff Bassa starts and blitzes. Tanner McKee incomplete pass for Michael Wilson against Christian Gonzalez. McKee sacked by Brandon Dorlus. Casey Filkins gains 2. OL Barrett Miller shaken up. Punt to UO 32 returned for 2 yards by Kris Hutson.

— Oregon wins the toss and defers.


— No sign of ILB Justin Flowe

— OL Bram Walden absent, OL Steven Jones still in walking boot

— Injured DL Popo Aumavae, Maceal Afaese and Sua’ava Poti all on sideline

— All QB, specialists and returners are accounted for.

— Ryan Walk back with centers with Alex Forsyth, Jackson Powers-Johnson, Kanen Rossi and Charlie Pickard.

— Stanford RT Myles Hinton did not travel to Oregon. LT Walter Rouse did.

— NFL scouts in attendance: Washington Commanders, Tennessee Titans, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, Miami Dolphins, Las Vegas Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, Cleveland Browns (x2)


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On air: Radio on 1080 “The Fan” in Portland, KUGN-AM 590 in Eugene

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